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  • Desiccant

    Active mineral desiccant is a natural non-toxic attapulgite as raw material for the production of high active absorbent desiccant, the appearance of a gray, livid, moisture absorption function in various humidity were kept stable. Active mineral desiccant is much higher than that of conventional silica gel desiccant desiccant and montmorillonite in normal temperature environment moisture absorption rate, and can be fully natural degradation, will not cause any pollution to the environment.
    The characteristics of:
    A. safety and environmental protection, natural degradation.
    B. in high humidity conditions, the effect of moisture absorption, montmorillonite is better than silica gel.
    C. containing chloride ions, can not be in direct contact with food, medicine, metal etc.
    D. can not be reused.

    Packaging specifications
    A. with the different packing materials to meet the needs of customers. There are mainly composite paper, transparent Aihua paper, tea filter paper, ordinary non-woven fabric, Du Bangzhi etc.
    B. packaging different weight to meet the different requirements of dampproof sealed space. From the 0.5G-1000G pack. Specifications provide the corresponding product specifications according to customer requirements (product size and number of packages)

    Widely used in instruments and meters, instruments, electronics, furniture, leather, bags, shoes, clothing, textile, pharmaceutical, optical instruments, electronic products, medical care, leather, food packaging and military products and civil products and dry air seal.

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