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  • Sodium carbonate(soda ash)

    Property : the pure product of anhydrous sodium carbonate is white powder or grain, melting point is 851℃, relative density is 2.532, easy to dissolve in water;less to dissolve in ethanol;not dissolve in propyl alcohol.
    Molecular Formula: Na2CO3
    Molecule Weight: 105.98
    CAS NO.: 497-19 - 8
    Appearance: White Powder or Fine Crystal .
    Specification :
    Quality Index
    Total alkali( As Na2CO3 )
    99.2% min
    99.2 % min
    Sulphate ( As SO4)
    0.03 % max
    0.03% max
    Chlorides ( As NaCL)
    0.7% max
    0.7 % max
    Iron ( As Fe2O3 )
    0.004% max
    0.004% max
    Water insoluble
    0.04% max
    0.04% max
    Ignition loss
    0.80% max
    0.80% max
    Bulk density
    0.9 g/ml min
    0.65 g/ml min
    Application : Widely used in manufacture of chemicals and metallurgy, medicine, petroleum, leather processing, textile , printing and dyeing, foodstuff, photograph, glass, enamel and paper industry, etc, as well as for treatment water.
    Packing : Packed in plastic woven bag of 25kg/40kg/50kg 750kg/1000kg net each , or as per the buyer's requirement .
    Storage: store in dry, air proof and low temperature condition.

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