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  • Sodium Bicarbonate

    Chinese Name: Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Carbonate Sodium Bicarbonate Acid Nature White crystals, or non-transparent monoclinic crystal fine. Proportion of 2.159. Odorless, taste salty, water-soluble, slightly soluble in ethanol. Its aqueous solution was due to hydrolysis and micro-alkaline and heat break down easily in the rapid decomposition of more than 65οC, 270οC, when the total loss of carbon dioxide, no change in dry air, humid air in slow decomposition. 
    Use:Work for the fermentation of food, soft drinks and cold drinks in the occurrence of carbon dioxide agent, butter preservation agent. Directly as a raw material for the pharmaceutical industry for the treatment of hyperacidity. Can also be used for film production, tanning, dressing, smelting, metal heat treatment, as well as for fiber, rubber industries. At the same time used as a wool detergent, foam fire extinguishing agent, as well as for agriculture, such as soaking. A food industry the most widely used osteoporosis agent, used in the production of biscuits, cakes, bread, bread and so on, is the soft drink agent in the occurrence of carbon dioxide; with alum baking powder is alkaline compound can also be complex and soda ash for Civil stone base; butter can also be used as preservation agents. Rubber industry with the use of alum, H made from pore-forming agent with the role of uniform holes made for the rubber, sponge production. Metallurgical industry for the ingot casting flux. Steel used for machine-building industry (foundry) sand molding auxiliaries. Dyeing Printing for printing and dyeing industry of the fixing agent, pH buffer, fabric dyeing and finishing of the post-processing agent. The pharmaceutical industry for raw materials antacids.

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